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Hey, we probably should've talked more but I'm no good at starting convos. Maybe next year!

it was still nice seeing people come out for the event. Now that we recognize eachother we'll gravitate together next time we're thrown in a new social situation. I spent a lot of Saturday looking for friendly faces and most of Sunday feeling much more comfortable.

Dude it was so cool seeing you again! You were like one of the first people I ever met from the online world, and you were/ are always super kind <3

It was awesome seeing you. I'm glad you made the trip out even if it was a short one! It was nice seeing a familiar face in the crowd

Wade Fulp sure is a @wadeful real straight shooter, that one. Sucks I had to run back home, no one was watching the place, somehow the house popped open while I was out O_O

Do you have a picture of yourself in the BBS, like somewhere here: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1330025 Totally forgot what you looked like O_O Was really great to see such a huge turnout, also a big learning experience for me.

I posted a pic of Luis and me Tom's Pico Day news thread. I was wearing a black suit with an orange dress shirt on Saturday.

Oh for fuck's sake, I remember seeing you there, did we even shake hands? I never had an ear for conversations in crowds :( so if we did talk and it was noisy... Either way, it's just a parade of all these names on a screen, you have to match up with IRL. Was really hard with the folks from the art portal... matching up their work to their username/given name.

Name tags were iffy, hard to read, then a few got blasted and started swapping them, lol fun? Tom or Luis should just print up a user-icon sheet of those invited, let us play with scissors and packing tape.

We did meet but briefly. Saturday was pretty crazy. I think you would of liked Sunday when there were fewer people and more downtime. I didn't recognize some people for their work until they posted on the forums or twitter. Missed a few chances to go full fanboy at some peeps... Probably for the best

Tell me about it, Stamper and I molested each other without saying a word.. no pillowtalk :(
The strangest thing: about a half a dozen people I know from the site individually, are actually friends in IRL... I had no clue, no way you could tell from comments, or even by PM's, it just never came up... my fault for leaving these parties early.

I guess it's just another one of those Pico day meet things, that never gets talked about here, but through emails and other social media. People just drop off NG and start their own thing, and we've got no way to know....

Did you see Liljim there; older guy, tad shorter than me with very short red hair, glasses? I didn't know who he was, until after the second time we shared a car :O We just started walking up from the train station Saturday (out of the car, safe time to ask) and almost shit myself. We shared some pointed, but civil words about the site and stuff in the past. Had I known earlier, I could've gotten more info out of him! Anyway, he's a sweetheart IRL, glad he ditched the cigs.

FUCK IM just sad I didnt realize Strawberry Clock was there ! I wanted to see if he knew who Alfred was : (
But yea, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought there was too little time and too many good folks to be able to absorb everything. Hopefully there willl be Pico Days forever so one day I'll be able to talk to everyone!