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There is nothing better than explosions set in completely inappropriate story lines!

This is probably my favorite clock day submission. I really liked Stafff's exploding sound effects better than any stock explosion sounds you could have used instead.

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

I love his announcer voice. Sometimes we have entire conversations in the announcer voice and I laugh until it hurts.

Nice improvement!

Seven, you are improving greatly in Flash!

I have to hand it to you for sticking it out and working on this despite Flash being a bitch to work with. I liked your use of tweens, movie clips and even frame-by-frame work. It's really cool how folks will help you out when you're a n00b at stuff.

Maybe next time you can clean up some of the sound to get rid of staff's background static, I'd recommend Audacity, it's free and sardonic and rig say it's a good one to use for music editing, so you know it's a winner!

You could also try animating the raptor if you use him again rather than using the photoshop pic, so it meshes better with the rest of the flash, but I'm sure that would be one hell of an ordeal, you were telling me how much a pain it was just to get the guys drinking beer and the clouds moving!

Great job!

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

Thank you Mal. What a perfect review. You should be a review mod....wait....Bilbo won't ever be animated, he's always going to be real....it's part of the joke..... but I'll work on cleaning him up. and I want to learn how to use more tools in flash, besides the basics. Stafff and I had heck with those audio clips. So we appreicate the advice.

Great Animation, Great Humor!


You're animation is smooth and right on. The syncing with the voices and the timing with the background music is amazing!

The music is spot on for effect as well.

I can't stop watching this flash! I keep re-watching it over and over.

I feel like it would make an awesome series if you wanted to, but it works great as a one-off as well.

Keep up the good work, you're skills are improving by leaps with every new submission. Kudos!

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The artwork is basic as well as the game play. Unfortunately you can "game" the system by simply rapidly clicking your mouse somewhere in the center.

Keep working though! feel free to try uploading new stuff in the newgrounds dump to get advice from others like on the forums so you can improve before moving onto the full game portal!

mustafaaskin responds:

Thank for respond. I will take account.

I loved it!

This is a great 8 bit game! I really enjoy it, even after testing it.

A few things I've noticed that could be improved:

- When you go back to the path that splits from the jungle, you pop out on the far left of the screen. I would suggest popping out in the middle, so that if you want to go left or right from there, you aren't right on the edge (particularly if you want to go right)

- When you pick something up, it would be nice to have a little notation of "you've picked up a fibrous bran muffin!" and a little not of "muffin", "oil", "ice cream", etc when you press A to view your inventory, and since you will likely never have more than 2 or 3 items in it at a time, space won't be a problem.

- Currently there is no way to bring sound back after you press M for mute. Perhaps having it so that when you press M again, the sound starts again.

That's it!

The art is great, and you managed to get the medals in without any glitches. I even had a hard time finding those secret movies at first. I enjoyed all of the shout outs you gave to so many people, it feels like a real community-oriented game (and not like a lame inside joke either).

Magical-Zorse responds:

Yea, I thought about making a little popup to tell you that you found an item, but I couldn't think of a good way to without disturbing the gameplay.
Thanks for the review

Awesome Game!

The oldschool feel is great. I can only hope for a sequel with more baysplosions, NGers and bartering.

Magical-Zorse responds:


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are we still friends?


massive kudos to you oscar! When you first sent me this song it was on my playlist for years. I moved, and I just found it here on the audio portal (Just like I told you to do with it!)

this sounds practically professional!

It has found its place more than once on my playlist yet again!

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Steve! This is awesome! You captured the style of the show but it's still clearly your own work. I really enjoyed the 'you got rickity rickity rekt' card!

You cannot spell "slaughter" without "laughter"

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