2012-11-24 18:44:55 by Malachy

I took a flight lesson thing. It was a gift for my birthday back in June but I didn't have time to schedule it until now. It was neat - they let me take off, fly and land the plane (with a bit of help from the instructor). Too bad it's like $12,000 to go through all the training, but it was still cool.


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2012-11-24 19:12:44

$12,000 holy crap!

Malachy responds:

$12,000 for a legit full on private pilots license - those things don't come cheap - that price includes stuff like government tests and airplane rentals along with professional instruction both on-ground and in-air


2012-12-14 21:37:15

I'm gonna win the lottery and give you 13 grand

Malachy responds:

Yes plz


2012-12-28 22:20:05

Woah, I never knew you could do that. Isn't $12k a little much though, or do you think it was worth it?

Malachy responds:

For like $100 they let you do the introductory thing I did. $12,000 is for actually getting a pilots license, which is like 60 hours of instruction, fuel, and aircraft rental