Look into the deep abyss

2014-04-20 00:58:30 by Malachy

I tried posting this all together in a NG blog but it just couldn't handle the full crazy. So, alas, here is a link to it on my tumblr. 


This is some crazy fanfic and poem/song about me a user made in 2008. 


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2014-04-20 18:41:38

I had no idea you were such an obsessed Nintendo fan boy...

Malachy responds:

My mario obsession clouds my judgment against any good sonic fan!


2014-04-21 12:09:23

jesus christ, what was his name?

Malachy responds:



2014-04-21 12:55:44

no need to be rude i was just asking now that i can't post on the bbs


2014-04-29 05:02:42

Oh god, I remember that retard. I wonder if he really will come back in 10 years... it'd be hilarious to watch him get banned all over again for the same things by a completely different mod team. XD


2014-05-29 19:39:43

Wow. I'm gonna write a fanfic about us all now.

Malachy responds:

I would be insulted if you didn't!


2014-09-06 23:15:27

fanfics...good timezs