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Still 1/2/16 my time 


13 years 


2015-05-15 22:27:23 by Malachy

I purchased the 2015 NG Supporter upgrade today. 

I neglected to for a couple of years and I feel bad (sorry @tomfulp)

Newgrounds means a lot to me and I'm glad I'm able to support it. You can totally re-enable ads if you want those hundredths of a cent that I account for in your ad revenue, Tom! 

I had a blast at Pico day and met or reconnected with some really cool artists and I want NG to stick around to support them and they can make a living off their art. I think I'll have to start making a list who all has a Patreon for when I win the lottery (after sharing with @sevenseize of course because she'll buy the winning ticket for me)


Pico Day 2k15

2015-05-01 20:30:47 by Malachy

I made it to Pico Day and I gotta say it was a blast! I didn't take many pics and I can't remember names so I won't try to tag all the amazing young artists I met for the first time or old NG buds I got to meet in person for the first time or friends I got to see again after too long an absence. Although i got in on Friday night I didn't have it in me after a very long day of travel to head to the office - I didn't even think anyone was there until @cosmicdeath called me to say she was there and it was packed.

Saturday had even more people. I showed up at 11 or 12 and there were already so many people! Everyone was wearing name tags and I still can't remember names too well. Tom threw a great party while Tim was awesome on the grill. At some point Evark showed up and we hung out and accosted johnnyutah and strawberryclock like starstruck teenagers. 

Sunday was very chill and a ton of fun. With fewer people it was easier to have conversations and just hang out with people who were still there. We went to a pizza place and a barcade in the city and it was the coolest place. Later we went back to the office and people played video games and watched Robocop. 

Monday I hear people were still at the office but I took a day out to see some sights on Philly. I went to the Mutter museum, the Liberty Bell, Liberty Hall, the museum district the City Hall train station and the art museum to see the steps Rocky ran up. I actually was there in 2008 for mod meet - we raced up the steps and I think rucklo beat all of us because he's hella ripped. It was a pretty chill day after 3 days of chaos. I took the 'quiet car' on the train back to the hotel and it was very nice. 

I was thrilled to finally be a part of a NG event again. I used to really like NG meetups but they haven't been happening as often anymore. I hope to attend Pico Day again next year. I've been following new people on NG and twitter all week since I got back.

Some cool peeps I met for the first time or saw again: @zj, @afroninja, @ryan, @ejr, @jonas, @luis, @evark, @zachary, @tomfulp, @wadeful, @liljim, @mindchamber, @tim, @cosmicdeath, @ornery (and @turkeyonastick as a munny), @mike, @yurgenburgen, @grub-xer0, @VicariousE, @shikamarana, @sardonicsamurai, @jay, @krinkles, @emily-youcis, @kashi, (probably way more to come)

12 more years. 12 moar beers!

2015-01-04 21:20:44 by Malachy



how do I make this post 2 days ago D:

Look into the deep abyss

2014-04-20 00:58:30 by Malachy

I tried posting this all together in a NG blog but it just couldn't handle the full crazy. So, alas, here is a link to it on my tumblr. 


This is some crazy fanfic and poem/song about me a user made in 2008. 

Trying New Things

2014-03-06 21:12:04 by Malachy

I tried something once. It was the worst.

My backgrounds

2013-12-26 20:42:21 by Malachy

I've been using NG art as my PC backgrounds for a few months. I have 9-10 that loop every 3 minutes on my monitors. The top 20 or so of my favorite art portal entries has been on my desktop at some time or another.

5 Year Banniversary

2013-07-13 14:43:07 by Malachy

5 years ago this month I started BBS modding. I should go on a banning spree

A whole decade

2013-01-04 21:01:36 by Malachy

I'm 12 what is this


2012-11-24 18:44:55 by Malachy

I took a flight lesson thing. It was a gift for my birthday back in June but I didn't have time to schedule it until now. It was neat - they let me take off, fly and land the plane (with a bit of help from the instructor). Too bad it's like $12,000 to go through all the training, but it was still cool.