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Malachy's News

Posted by Malachy - January 4th, 2013

I'm 12 what is this

Posted by Malachy - November 24th, 2012

I took a flight lesson thing. It was a gift for my birthday back in June but I didn't have time to schedule it until now. It was neat - they let me take off, fly and land the plane (with a bit of help from the instructor). Too bad it's like $12,000 to go through all the training, but it was still cool.

Posted by Malachy - July 28th, 2012

Apparently my graphics drivers just shit the bed and died. Downloading skyrim on my older desktop computer and steam has some really awful seeds! I was pulling barely 100kb/s most of the time. It took all evening.

Edit: the HD got fried.

Posted by Malachy - July 10th, 2012

Care should be taken when having Red Velvet cake with tea. Recent studies have shown that the active ingredient in the red food coloring commonly used by bakeries to make Red Velvet cakes can react with tea in the presence of stomach acids and cause extreme stomach cramps and severe diarrhoea.

Posted by Malachy - March 24th, 2012

Today I bought a dining room table, paid bills, read a newspaper, visited the barber, and other grown up things.

Then I got a(n?) RC helicopter.

Posted by Malachy - January 2nd, 2012

Holy shit I've nearly wasted a decade here!

Edit: Around early February I have been review modding for 4 years.

Posted by Malachy - June 2nd, 2011

Montreal meetup is just around the corner and It'll take me 2 weeks of solid skating to get there in time. I've packed my backpack with poptarts and gatorade. Maybe I'll find an epic half pipe or skate park or empty pool along the way.


Edit: now I'm skating home. Man my legs hurt!

Sk8boardin' to MTL meet 11

Posted by Malachy - May 14th, 2011

U Mad?


Posted by Malachy - February 20th, 2011

No srsly. Wat?! Can't you see I'm busy? >:(


Posted by Malachy - January 17th, 2011

Oh hey, there was a Christmas break somewhere back there, huh?

I went home for almost a month to do the lame family stuff and to see friends from high school. I got a few days of skiing in by whoring myself out for free tickets.

Went skiing with Timmy a couple of weeks back and showed him around the ski mountain I pretty much grew up on and worked at all through highschool and half of college. It was a bit too much for him and we had to call it a day at like 2 in the afternoon.

I actually was able to get a last day of skiing in after that. The next day I flew back and had some sketchy moments on a puddle jumper plane and a relaxing flight on a half empty real plane the rest of the way. The next day from that classes started again.

And somewhere back there my NG account turned 8 years old.